Ouone story brick building and text "Our Space" in whiteWe are excited to share photos of our new, state-of-the-art clinic on the Clayton campus.

brown bear stuffed animal leaning on sign that says "DFX" Our clinic space is unique because it allows the clinic to have the dynamic equipment we utilize in our relationship-based, play-oriented treatment. While it may look like “just” play equipment, we have carefully selected and arranged it based on neuroscience and research. Our clinicians work with children in these therapy spaces to provide the kinds of sensory and motor experiences that promote the highest levels of organized and adaptive responses to the input provided. They have the training to use the equipment to structure and support maximal opportunities for growth and development. We do not provide simple sensory experience or exercise, rather, the dynamic nature of the therapy promotes significant changes in overall brain-based learning. Outside of the treatment gym areas, the clinic has varied spaces to support direct treatment, group treatment, dedicated space for feeding therapy, family and team meetings as well as a comfortable place for staff to work.
*photos by Erin Fairbairn

A couple of notes about the space:

    • Please follow our covid-safety guidelines for connecting with your child’s therapist when you arrive; the therapist will meet you at your car.
    • While at DFX, please be conscious that this is a space for therapy for your child, not a play space for siblings.¬†Families should collaborate with their treating therapist about how much they will be involved in any session. We love all kids, but, it works best if siblings wait outside of the treatment rooms unless they are formally included in the therapy.
    • We have a guest bathroom and should you need anything, please ask your child’s therapist.

Get to know our neighborhood! We’ll be adding information about nearby businesses that you can visit while your child is with their therapist.
2539 E Bruce Randolph Avenue
Their City Park location is only a 4-minute drive from DFX and they are open from 7:00am – 3:00pm.
4628 E 23rd Ave
Just a five-minute drive from DFX, this locally owned cafe is open daily 7:00am – 5:00pm and until 7:00pm on Fridays. Their menu features locally-made pastries, breads, & lunch options.