Our Space

Photo by Trinity Rollins

Interested in seeing where you’ll be visiting? Take a tour of our space!

We are located in an office/warehouse complex because it allows the clinic to have the dynamic equipment we utilize in our relationship-based, play oriented treatment. Note though that the equipment is far more than just “play” equipment. Based in neuroscience research, our equipment is selected to provide the kinds of sensory and motor experiences that promote the highest levels of organized and adaptive responses to the input provided. Our clinicians are expert at using the equipment to structure and support maximal changes. We do not provide simple sensory experience or exercise, rather, the dynamic nature of the therapy promotes significant changes in overall brain-based learning.

Outside of the treatment gym areas, the clinic has varied spaces to support direct treatment, group treatment, family and team meetings as well as a comfortable place for families to be and staff to work.

A couple of notes about the space:

  • While at DFX, please make yourself at home.
  • Families should collaborate with their treating therapist about how much they will be involved in any session. We love kids, but, it works best if siblings wait outside of the treatment rooms unless they are formally included in the therapy.
  • We have a guest bathroom and should you need anything, please stop by the office and ask.


The clinic is near the Autism Community Store and we invite you to support their efforts and benefit from their proximity to DFX.

While no coffee shop is very close, just down the road there is a sweet coffee shop we can direct you to:
Roll-Out Coffee at Alchemy Bikes
Open 7 days a week 8:30-4:30
7700 Cherry Creek South Drive
Denver, CO 80231