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SpIRiTed Conversations

Tracy Stackhouse, Cory Johnston and Michelle Maunder are paediatric Occupational Therapists with a shared passion for the pursuit of knowledge. The Spirited Conversations podcast was conceived to include you in our regular clinical conversations, not knowing all the answers, but allowing each of us to have the space and support to think and put the pieces together.  
Episode Listing: 
1. Our Stories & Why We’re Here
2. Why Posture Matters
3. The Power of Praxis
4. Sensory Discrimination for Skillfulness
5. Sensory Modulation: Part 1
6. Sensory Modulation: Part 2
7. Treatment & Sensory Modulation

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Podcast- A Polyvagal Theory Informed Therapy

Episode 15: Windows to Regulation, with Tracy Stackhouse – listen on buzzsprout.com
In this podcast, Joanne McIntyre and Tracy Stackhouse explore the inter-connection of key models and help us formulate clinical plans to facilitate co-regulation, connection, and safety in supporting SSP outcomes. 

8. Social Emotional Development: Go Slow to Go Fast
9. Social Skills in Treatment: Attuning and Teaching
10. Emerging Executive Functions
11. Executive Functions Continued
12. Imitation as a Foundation for Action and Social Connection
13. The Journey of Becoming Relational Therapists
14. The Surprises of Treatment
15. Rhythm, Routine, and Predictability
16. What’s the Go With Reflexes?
17. Vestibular Based Treatment – A Case of Gravitational Insecurity
18. Polyvagal Theory and Co-regulation
19. Sensory “Seekers”: Vestibular Discrimination Part 1