Pediatric Therapy

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At DFX, we are dedicated to providing the best pediatric therapy services for your child and family within an atmosphere of empathy and expertise. We meet children where they are, help to identify their strengths, and promote their development from “Can I?” to “I think I can” to “Watch me! I can!” through collaborative relationships with all those who touch their lives. 

In our Denver clinic, DFX provides pediatric occupational therapy, pediatric speech/language therapy, psychological counseling services with our psychologist, and multidisciplinary evaluations when necessary. Services are typically provided through individual sessions, however, co-treatments may be provided, with multiple disciplines pairing during a treatment session. Our therapies are based on individual needs, and you’ll find no two children with the exact same treatment plan.

Our philosophy of therapy that fits means that every child is met exactly where they are and supported to make progress in a manner that matches their needs and strengths. Unlike many clinics, we do not follow a formulary or adhere to a narrow model of intervention. We set the standard of care and provide highly individualized intervention, specific to each child or adult we treat.

DFX’s approach to individualized care extends to the child’s family and entire ecosystem. We will support you as you learn about your child’s strengths and needs and provide resources and advocacy in a caring, professional manner. We see parents and caregivers as part of the DFX team, and always encourage parents to observe therapies, ask questions, and participate in establishing goals for their child. 

In DFX’s Multidisciplinary Clinic in Denver we scale deep for each child and family. We cultivate and provide therapy that fits through occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and psychology services for local families. Click here to learn more about care in the DFX Clinic. Click here to learn more about the clinic therapy spaces. 

Our Clinic in the Community activities allow us to provide services beyond the clinic through wraparound programming and consultations. DFX Clinic in the Community has formal programs through our school and early learning program initiatives that bring therapy that fits to programs and providers throughout the Denver area. Click here to learn more about our work to extend therapy that fits into homes, schools, and other community settings

DFX also offers online courses, some of which are appropriate for parents and caregivers, through our virtual education program, Learning Journeys.  Click here to learn about The Fragile X Academy course which is available for parents free of charge, and here for information about The SpIRiT of Pediatric Therapy.