Move with DFX

MOVE WITH DFX is a virtual festival of movement to engage our community in our upcoming relocation to the Clayton Campus! It is 8 miles from our current location on Iliff Avenue to our new home on the Clayton Campus, so we have created a virtual event to build energy around our move by inviting you to MOVE WITH DFX! 


The challenge is to move 8 miles during the month of August. Participants can move in any way they choose – walk, run, bike, use a scooter, skateboard, or paddleboard, swim, hike – just get out there! Exercise in your favorite way, or try something new! 

We’re sharing fun videos from our staff, board, and supporters talking about how they are Moving with DFX – click on the descriptions below to watch these videos on YouTube and get inspired to Move with DFX!! 

Tracy Stackhouse is playing pickleball 8 times in August Lindsay Beckerman is paddleboarding 8 miles in 8 bodies of water
Hannah Zax is hiking 8 miles

Diane Lowry is moving 8 miles
in the Costa Rican rainforest

Becca Helbraun hiked Mt. Flora!

Susan Kramer is running 8 times in Evergreen


Liz Doris is walking in Washington, D.C.

Rob Baumgarten is hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

It is free to participate, but if you want to go a step further, you can donate to DFX and invite family and friends to pledge their support as well. Pledges start at $8.00 and every donation gets us closer to our goal of raising $80,000 to support the renovation of the space to create a new clinic that is a welcoming, energizing, and healing place.

Click here to register to Move with DFX – we are using RaceRoster to organize the virtual event. Note that while the event date may show up as “August 31”, that indicates the last day of the event and last day to register. You will be able to start uploading information about your movement starting on August 1.

After you register, you will receive an email inviting you to download the Runkeeper app to track your movement, and another with directions to personalize your fundraising page if you choose to fundraise. 

We’ll be sharing more information and fun videos with suggestions on ways to move, 8 parks between our Iliff Avenue location and the Clayton Campus, and much much more! 

T-Shirts!! Participants 18 and younger who raise $18 will receive a t-shirt, as will those over 18 who raise $28 or more. 

Thank you to DENVER CALC and Developmental Pathways for sponsoring Move with DFX!