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Are you ready to elevate your practice? DFX’s Learning Journeys is offering both self-paced and cohort options for our flagship courses, STEPPSI and The SpIRiT. Want to know more about the STEPPSI?
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2024 Learning Journeys Schedule:

Self-paced options for both courses are now available!
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STEPPSI Cohort: February – April 2024
Questions about STEPPSI? Click here for answers to frequently asked questions. 
SpIRiT Cohort: Fall 2024, dates to be announced
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While there is no wrong way to engage in our courses or utilize the associated clinical reasoning tools, we would gently recommend taking The STEPPSI course first and The SpIRiT second if you are looking for guidance on where to begin. 

If you have taken one of our flagship courses, you are eligible for a discount if you enroll in the other course and/or also if you want to re-take the course as a refresher. Watch your email inbox or contact us for details. 

Cohort Learning Opportunities:

The cohort models of these flagship courses allow participants to dive deeper into the learning materials, engage with fellow clinicians through our online community platform, and participate in live, cohort meetings with your lead instructor, Tracy Stackhouse, MA, OTR/L.  We truly believe that learning in community fosters a richer, more integrated learning experience. The group meetings will be recorded, but cohort members are strongly encouraged to participate in the live format. Please note that we will have a cap on cohort enrollment to ensure a quality learning experience.

In Person Learning Opportunities

We also are excited to share that we have resumed in person course offerings. If you have a group of clinicians and would like to host Tracy for a continuing education opportunity, please contact learningjourneys@developmentalfx.org to discuss this option to create a training for your group. 

Tracy will be traveling all over the world in 2024 to share her knowledge and engage with learners. We will share opportunities open to the public below, but make sure to follow @developmentalfx and @tracy.stackhouse on Instagram for course announcements, snippets of learning, and more.

Click here to learn more about the self-paced version of STEPPSI

The STEPPSI course includes a series of pre-recorded lectures by Tracy Stackhouse MA, OTR, and Dave Jereb, MHS (OTR), to support further integration and understanding of how to utilize the STEPPSI protocols in everyday practice. This online course consists of pre-recorded videos, integration of knowledge activities, and resources to support learners as they embark on their learning journey. In addition, the registrants may have the opportunity to participate in group reflective workshops with Tracy Stackhouse. 

This course presents a clinical reasoning model for treating children who have unusual and challenging behaviors involving a lack of modulation of sensation. The understanding of treatment for individuals with sensory modulation difficulties (SM) are becoming better identified in the greater body of sensory integration theory. This course will provide an overview of the theoretical foundations of SM from occupational therapy literature and related neuroscience research. A model for planning, implementation, and monitoring treatment will be presented: Sensation, Task, Environment, Predictability, Playfulness, Self-Monitoring, and Interactions or the STEPPSI. 

The STEPPSIⓒ is a principle-based model that breaks down treatment into easily understandable components. The STEPPSIⓒ is an evidence-based model originally devised in the late 1990s and now updated for a new generation of therapists, and for educators and parents. Participants should have foundation knowledge in sensory integration (Ayres SI (ASIⓇ) in particular) theory and treatment.
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Click here to learn more about the self-paced version of The SpIRiT

The SpIRiT© (Sensory processing/Integration Reasoning interactive Tool) is a mindful clinical reasoning tool for ensuring best practice in pediatric occupational therapy. The SpIRiT introduces a clinical reasoning framework for combining sensory, affective, and motor (SAM) processing into a relationship-based, sensory integrative model of intervention. This introduction course to The SpIRiT©  will focus on integrating SENSORY processing with motor and affective processing. It will also highlight the importance of reflective clinical reasoning as a way of practice. This online course will consist of pre-recorded videos, integration of knowledge activities, and resources to support learners as they embark on their learning journey at their own pace. When the course is offered in cohort format, it includes weekly live sessions with Tracy Stackhouse. Dates for a Fall 2024 Cohort will be announced soon.