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Continuing Education Opportunities
and Resources for Clinicians

DFX offers educational opportunities and support for therapists, clinicians and educators that include:

  • Learning Journeys, DFX’s virtual training courses which share the tools for delivering therapy that fits to children who have complex developmental disabilities; 
  • Fragile X Academy, online courses for parents and clinicians that offer insight into Fragile X Syndrome and how to best support someone who has been diagnosed with Fragile X;
  • Seminars and Symposia: DFX’s clinicians are often invited to share their expertise at local, national, and international gatherings of pediatric caregivers and we include links to register and/or download recordings of these sessions;
  • Podcasts: DFX co-founder Tracy Murnan Stackhouse is a sought-after speaker and podcaster, and you can access “SpIRiTed Conversations” and other podcasts.
  • Resources for Clinicians: The DFX team offers a list of websites, articles, and other sources of information and inspiration.