Do You Really Know?

Do you REALLY know what happens at DFX every day?

We make an Impact on Childrens’ and Families’ Lives…………Every Day.

DFX sensory integration gym with balance and coordination skills on our special play equipment.

DFX is a unique nonprofit organization that goes beyond the typical treatment center model where children are seen for a half hour or an hour once a week for individual therapy. On any typical day at DFX, there are a multitude of activities taking place. There may be three therapists in the sensory integration gym. Kaity, an occupational therapist (OT), and Ruth, a speech/language therapist, might be co-treating. That means they are both bringing their strengths in their respective areas to provide a very comprehensive treatment session focusing on how movement can organize and enhance language. There may be another OT in the gym working on helping
There could be a handwriting group in another treatment room, where 7-9 year olds are using video modelling to practice handwriting. Jennifer, our Finance Director, may be meeting and greeting familiar families, as it is everyone’s job at DFX to provide a warm and caring welcome. In the morning, Tracy might be working off site at one of Denver’s local private schools, providing needed consultation for children who might be twice exceptional ( exceptional ability in some academic areas and learning difficulties in other areas), as well as providing training for teachers, to help them better provide the support many of the students need. The afternoon could find Tracy providing a training for OTs in a local school district about developing their clinical reasoning skills through a new model she has developed. Mouse might be working off site to provide the Wraparound service of a school training, to help school staff and teachers better understand a child’s challenges and how to best meet that child’s needs. Diane, another speech pathologist, can be found providing Wraparound services in a family’s home, helping siblings learn to play together, and coaching parents in how to use positive behavior supports. See the article below for a more thorough description of our Wraparound Service Initiative. Early in the evening, there may be an OT mentoring session via SKYPE with a clinic in Australia, or North Carolina.
As you can see, DFX has a mighty impact – whether it’s through a one on one treatment session, or whether we’re “spreading the dandelion seeds” through a training that touches over 100 professionals. You can help DFX “spread the dandelion” seeds by being a supporter through our website, Colorado Gives, or by sending a check to us at the address at the bottom of the newsletter.