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DFX’s Clinic in the Community program enables us to extend our reach far beyond our clinic walls and cultivate an inclusive space for all kids. Several Denver schools have invited the DFX team to support their teachers in creating environments in which children of all abilities can thrive. As we begin a school partnership, our team explores the school’s unique culture and values so that we can align with their goals. We work to develop trust and identify those things that are working well in addition to those areas that can be explored further. We recognize that the teachers have the skills, knowledge, and understanding of what they want to accomplish in the classroom. DFX adds value by sharing the perspective of what kids are experiencing developmentally, neurologically, and sensorily that may be impacting their ability to adapt to what is happening in the classroom. These feedback sessions are the springboard for learning – the teachers feel supported and leave with strategies to tweak what they are doing in the classroom to create smoother transitions or address other challenges they are seeing.

Currently we have partnerships with Stanley British Primary SchoolThe Logan School for Creative LearningMontview Preschool, Clayton Early Learning, St. Elizabeth’s School, and Venture for Success in Denver. In addition to these Denver partners, we have a long-standing collaboration with our colleagues at Camp Jabiru in Australia. We appreciate the vision of these partners to commit the time and resources to create a culture of inclusion within their schools, communities, and beyond.

To discuss establishing a program at your school, email us at

Stanley British Primary School is an independent K-8 school in the Lowry neighborhood of Denver, CO. 

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Montview Community Preschool & Kindergarten is a parent cooperative that honors childhood by supporting diverse families and by educating children in a play-based environment.

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The Logan School is a 245 student, independent,
K-8 co-ed day school for gifted students that provides a challenging environment for children.

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Our program at Clayton, the Supportive Web of Care for Families and Teams (SWIFT) is supported by The Caring for Denver FoundationDenver Human Services Human Together, and Constellation Philanthropy.

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To discuss establishing a program at your school, email us at