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At DFX, we are committed to changing the landscape of what transformative care looks like for children who are non-neurotypical and their families and creating an atmosphere of inclusion for people of all abilities. To work toward this goal, we extend therapy that fits into a child’s ecosytem so that all those involved in caring for a child can gain an understanding of what the child’s needs are and how best to support them. We call this effort Clinic in the Community and the activities involved include wraparound care through consultations and home visits, and observation and mentoring in schools and early childhood care settings. We believe that doing this work to build a culture of understanding and inclusion is critical for all children and families to thrive.

DFX’s Wraparound Initiative offers targeted assistance to children with complex neuro-developmental and mental health conditions and helps their families understand their unique developmental challenges, develop strategies to increase skills and promote harmony within their homes, and reduce caregivers’ own feelings of isolation and frustration. We provide this elevated care regardless of a family’s ability to pay; since it goes beyond direct therapies it is not covered by insurance. Working with these young people who are impacted by a range of developmental challenges and witnessing the transformational impact that Wrapraround care has on their lives and those of their families is incredibly powerful and gratifying. We believe that the specialized Wraparound care the DFX team provides is the key to making a profound difference in the lives of these children and their families.

DFX is honored to receive support for our Wraparound Initiative from the Buell Foundation, The Get Grounded Foundation, Developmental Pathways, and Rocky Mountain Alliance Children’s Foundation.

Sometimes a consultative model is necessary to help other settings understand your child’s needs more comprehensively. As part of our Wraparound Initiative, Developmental FX can provide onsite consultation for your school, vocational setting, or home. Additionally, phone or telehealth consultations, review of DVD’s and review of educational, treatment, program or placement plans can be provided.The scope of consultation – either virtually or in person, may include:

  • IEP review or participation
  • Behavior challenges
  • Sensory integration
  • Sensory Diets
  • Self-regulation and coping skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills including handwriting
  • Speech and language
  • Social functioning
  • Play and early skill development
  • Development of executive functioning skills including planning, organizing, inhibitory control and working memory skills
  • Eating, feeding, toileting or other activities of daily living difficulties
  • Site visits to home, school and community programs

DFX also has extensive experience working with children who have Fragile X Syndrome and supporting their families and communities. Click here to learn more about our Fragile X work on the Fragile X page.

Click here to learn more about DFX’s Community Partners
, an activity that is part of our Clinic in the Community program. We currently are engaged in collaborations with Stanley British Primary School, The Logan School for Creative Learning, Montview Preschool, and Clayton Early Learning in Denver, and Camp Jabiru in Australia. We appreciate the vision of these partners to commit the time and resources to create a culture of inclusion within their schools.  Our program at Clayton, the Supportive Web of Care for Families and Teams (SWIFT) is supported by The Caring for Denver Foundation, Denver Human Services Human Together, and Constellation Philanthropy.
To discuss establishing a program at your school, email us at

As part of our Clinic in the Community program, DFX undertakes special projects such as creating resources to help families who have children living with developmental challenges feel supported in navigating public spaces. These include our “Denver Parks & Play Guide” and an upcoming “Family Guide to Navigating Denver International Airport”. We seek grant funding to underwrite these efforts, and have been fortunate to receive support from Denver Community Active Living Coalition and the Office of Business & Community Engagement of Denver’s Department of Transportation & Infrastructure for this work.