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Our mission is to prepare children with developmental differences for a bright future
of engaged belonging by equipping them, their families, therapists, and teachers
via innovative programming in Colorado and around the world.


THE DFX DIFFERENCE: We are leaders in providing pediatric occupational and speech therapy and mental health support for children who have a range of learning and developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. Our clinicians work with each child and family to discover the child’s strengths and offer an individualized therapy plan that will support the child in reaching their full potential. We go beyond the clinic to offer capacity-building to all those in the child’s ecosystem – parents, families, caregivers, educators, and other providers – so that every child can thrive. Through our research and signature therapy that fits approach, we are expanding our impact, sharing our knowledge, and changing the landscape of what transformative care looks like for children and families – locally, nationally, and globally. Click here to learn more about the DFX Difference.

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Our Reach

Our outreach programs extend locally and globally through publications, resource development, training, mentoring, and research.

A Service To The Community

As a non-profit, our mission is essential to the communities we serve and depends on public support through grants and donations.