Developmental FX maintains a number of professional collaborations due to our long-standing association with colleagues and organizations as well as our ongoing leadership. We value the richness that these organizations bring to our practice.

Avanti Educational Programs

DFX works with Avanti Educational Programs, and Patricia and Julia Wilbarger, to provide training and mentoring in occupational therapy approaches to treatment.

Vital Links

DFX partners with Vital Links for continuing education, training and mentoring.

Camp Jabiru – Australia

Tracy has been a resident “master clinician” overseeing and guiding the therapy model at Camp Jabiru, since 2013 and in 2015 initiating and overseeing a research study of the efficacy of the camp model.

The National Fragile X Foundation

DFX has worked collaboratively with the National Fragile X Foundation for over 15 years and provides articles and talks for the organization. Mouse and Tracy are distinguished to be members of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee of the National Fragile X Foundation.

Colorado Children’s Hospital Child Developmental Unit and Fragile X Clinic

Dr. Nicole Tartalia is the medical director of the Fragile X Clinic as well as the Xtraordinary Kids Clinics at Colorado Children’s. We work closely to coordinate families receiving services from both Children’s and DFX as well as support each other with collaborative research and training opportunities.

Colorado Fragile X

Colorado Fragile X is the local Colorado Community Support Network group of the National Fragile X Foundation. We work closely to support the community in social events, fundraising, dissemination of information and training as well as advocacy and support to families.

The Logan School for Creative Learning

A generous family grant brought Tracy Stackhouse, MA, OTR and DFX Co-Founder in to the Logan School as a consultant for their teachers and students to support learning and help them to thrive. Since 2010, this has been a productive and valued partnership and the school has invested on-going funds to support continued collaboration.

ASI 2020

Several of the OT’s at DFX are involved in the initiatives of ASI 2020. This is an international effort to promote scholarship and leadership in Ayres Sensory Integration. Through specific aims, including:

  1. Promoting Scholarship in ASI;
  2. Ensuring Effective Intervention through Comprehensive Assessment in ASI;
  3. Facilitating ongoing development and implementation of ASI.

Autism Speaks

Developmental FX received a Community Partnership Grant in 2015 from Autism Speaks.